Soft Rooters 10% Off!

Soft Rooters 10% Off!

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Special Offer! 10% off these selected Fox Soft Rooters!

The Soft Rooter is a fast sinking soft plastic lure which has a gentle wiggle and that all important tail ripple that has proved to be a key factor in getting predators to strike. Designed with two single hooks rigged into the top of the lure, it can be worked close to or even slowly bumping along the bottom without risk of fouling.

In addition, it also features a hook attachment point on the underside of the belly to allow for mid or high water work on a faster retrieve. To fish the Soft Rooter, simply cast out and count it down at approximately one foot per second to the desired depth before cranking it back in on a steady retrieve! A great choice for slow deep work in depths over 20 feet, however it will still be highly effective when worked much shallower on a faster retrieve. A great all year round choice!

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