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Please feel free to visit and join our Lakes Lures Group where you can ask questions, help others, and have a laugh. For debait and showing off see the discussion board. And don't forget to upload your photos of your latest catch!

Either log in using your own facebook account details or for a quick look please feel free to use our guest log in. We do ask that if you wish make a comment or upload a photo that you take 5min to create your own free Facebook account by following the instuctions on Facebook's home page Please note, that if you have visited the group under our Lakes Lures Gallery Guest profile you will need to logout before you can register your own details. Also any comments or photos that are uploaded on the Lakes Lures Gallery Guest profile will be deleted.


PASSWORD: lluser

If you wouild like any help or have a question regarding using this forum/group, please do contact us for assistance.





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